About us


Transforming the future of needy children with love.


Promote opportunities for children in need with cultural and human development.

iDedicar History

The Institute Dedicar – iDedicar is a non-profit organization that was born from the dream of transforming the future of underprivileged children.

iDedicar was founded by a group of friends with the common goal of helping others.


Love – Practice and encourage love in all situations.
Dedication – Dedicate yourself entirely to the good of others.
Perseverance – Do not give up in the face of obstacles, even the most difficult ones.
Hope – A better future can exist for anyone.


With 632sqm built area, iDedicar offers a safe environment for children.

Several rooms with ample physical space, welcoming environments and suitable for the development of various activities.

Kitchen equipped to provide balanced and quality food.

Dance rooms, music, library, nursery, computer room.

Air fresh and well-lit rooms, providing more comfort for children.

Rainwater reuse system, ecological facilities.


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